Inbjudan till studieresa till Sarawak, Borneo 9 – 16 september 2019

I samarbete med Ecogreen Holidays och Turkish Airlines har du som medlem i PATA Sweden Chapter möjlighet att ansöka om att få följa med och upptäcka Sarawak, den Malaysiska delstaten på ön Borneo. Ta chansen att upptäcka regnskogar, urinvånare och ett unikt växt- och djurliv.

Resan utgår från Stockholm/Arlanda måndag 9 september med TK1796 18.10 I mån av plats finns det möjlighet att påbörja resan från Landvetter 18.05 eller Kastrup 18.30. Vidare från den nya Istanbul Airport till Kuala Lumpur med TK060 01.30 med ankomst Kuala Lumpur 17.15

Retur tillbaka söndag 15 september från Kuala Lumpur 23.05 med ankomst Istanbul 05.05 måndag 16 september. Vidare till Arlanda 07.30-09.55 / Landvetter 07.30-10.00 / Kastrup 07.30-09.45

Pris: Flyg, aktiviteter enligt bifogat program och del i dubbelrum – SEK2.995
Enkelrum mot tillägg – begränsat antal platser!

OBS! För att anmäla dig måste du betalt individuellt medlemskap i PATA Sweden Chapter 2019

Välkommen med din anmälan!

In cooperation with Ecogreen Holidays. Here is their concept

Ecotourism is the in-thing for today’s travellers and Ecogreen Holidays alike – we know what it is like to hear and read news on the deterioration in the quality of the earth environment; flora and fauna species; as well as indigenous communities in facing extinction. But what may not always make news is the long-term performance that our company is intending to aim, achieve and acquire on our little part here to save our planet in the course of guiding you.

As such, we are inviting you to embark on our excursions that involve environmentally responsible travel and visitation to relatively undisturbed natural areas to enjoy and appreciate nature amidst cultural features while at the same time promotes conservation of these earthly assets. How we do it – we ensure low visitor impact for tours to all ecosystems. For adventure trips, we segregate bigger groups into smaller ones and diversifying their tracks in vulnerable areas. This means involving additional manpower in handling your needs. On the other hand, we only accept small group of 8 persons and below for high-end trekking expeditions. Essentially, we also provide employment for local communities we visit so as to enable them to benefit from the industry’s socio-economic norms. We engage localized trekkers, porters and cooks to make your trips a more fulfilling one.

We know that in order for our company to continue to be in business we need to strive to abide by our mission plans, our clients’ expectations, our authorities’ regulations and society’s necessities. It is simply the only path to the future. For a company as newsworthy as ours, at times it can be difficult to see tourists as friends, to see the trees as forest, and to see flora, fauna and local communities as jungle dwellers. But to look beyond immediate challenges and position our company for long-term success, we have to keep YOU as our eco-conservation partners; to keep our flora and fauna as fellow living things; to keep the rights of our local communities; more importantly we have to keep their home – THE WHOLE RAINFOREST – squarely in sight.

And that is a foresight we feel is worth sharing.

DOKUMENT (PDF som öppnas i ett nytt fönster)
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